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Bluechip C&S is a company committed to innovation and security, with expertise in Location Based Services

Location Based Services

Location Based Services

utilize GIS (Geographic Information System) location data from mobile communication networks or GPS to conduct business operations

City Safety Services

City Safety Services

utilize AI and big data to facilitate protection against crimes, natural disasters and accidents


Messaging Services

provide a holistic messaging platform that incorporates text, images, audio, video and push notification


Virtual Number Services

provide a temporary phone number for one time use for protection of privacy

We leverage years of hands on experience and expertise in Location Based Services (LBS) to promote innovation and lead the ongoing paradigm shift in the IT field. We have been active in the field for more than 22 years and have partnered with Korea’s leading IT and telecom companies to develop a myriad of location based solutions. We utilize our expert technology and know-how that we have accumulated over the years to continuously strive to be one step ahead of our clients and design a system that best tailors towards our clients’ needs.

Location Based Services

provision of real time location data of users with accuracy



Location-Based Service

Data Collection


Data from
telecom base station


Data from satellite


Data from WiFi


Provision of Location Data

Provide location data of individual and corporate users to be used for emergency dispatch for road accidents, distribution and A/S services

Automated Phone Call System

Integrate LBS, mobile application and automated allocation system to facilitate automated dispatch in case of accidents

Location Based Call Routing

Automatic call distribution system that connects users to specific service points based on their location data

Machine to Machine (M2M) Location Services

Collect real time usage data (e.g. location, driving speed, fuel level) via direct tachograph (DTG) and mobile data terminal (MDT)

Smartphone Location Services

Integration of GPS, WiFi and Cell data to monitor location data via mobile application

City Safety Services

Utilize IoT, big data, location data, AI, AR technology to provide protection against crimes, natural disasters and accidents


City Safety

Main Functions

IoT devices

Send location, motion, temperature, audio and video data via wearable devices (e.g. smart watches) and IoT devices (e.g. beacon)

City Safety Services

Collection of location, condition and event data from devices
Monitoring of safety and danger zones
GIS (geographic information system)
Device verification and authorization

Management Application allows

Sync with City Safety Platform
Monitor the location and condition of devices
Device control

We collect real time data from various devices to create holistic monitoring systems that allow effective management of city operations as well as ensuring safety and security of citizens. We use machine learning to provide danger forecasts that predict crimes and accidents.

Messaging Services

Collect and exchange various information from smart devices accurately and promptly




· Incorporate text, images, audio and fax in mobile phone messages
· Provide Smart DM services via connections to mobile webpages
· Custom design & provide systems based on client’s needs


· Voice Messaging Services
· Enhances the efficiency and quality of customer satisfaction surveys


· A messaging platform used in smart devices to deliver information from various applications
· Public PUSH (e.g. Google FCM, Apple APNS, Amazon Simple Notification Service)
· Private PUSH services designed for companies and organizations with enhanced security and accuracy

Virtual Number Services

Provide a temporary, one time phone number to users


Virtual Number Services

Main Functions


Prevents personal phone numbers from being exposed


Protection against voice phishing,
junk texts and emails and cyber crimes

Risk Mitigation

Minimize corporate risk and provide protection against data leaks

We partner with Korea’s leading telecom companies to provide virtual number services. Virtual numbers allow users to enjoy various services – such as emergency dispatch for road accidents or courier and delivery services - without exposing their personal phone numbers. After use, we disconnect virtual numbers to block further calls or transactions to prevent data leaks or any other privacy breaches.

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We are committed to the values of communication and sustainability in creating a better future.

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